Indigenous Peoples Solidarity

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CPT is no longer able to maintain a full-time team with our Indigenous Peoples Solidarity (IPS) Program. However, CPT has made a commitment to continue our IPS work at a limited capacity, with the support of our Canada Coordinator and Reservists.

IPS is dedicated to building partnerships with Indigenous nations, communities and movements engaged in decolonization, seeking justice, and/or defending the land against corporate and government exploitation. CPT seeks to enlist faith groups, settlers, and other non-Indigenous groups in the work of Indigenous solidarity.

The work of IPS includes: 

  • Human rights monitoring and reporting
  • Nonviolence training
  • Relationship building
  • Presence and accompaniment
  • Court witnessing
  • Education and advocacy through presentations to classrooms, churches, and other interested groups
  • Articles and media releases
  • Organizing fact-finding and learning delegations to areas of conflict or oppression
  • Organizing, participating in, and/or offering logistical support for public solidarity actions and advocacy campaigns